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Why opt for a car rental in Skanderborg?

This Danish town, located on the North and Northeastern borders of Skanderborg Lake and south-west of Arhus, is home to many small water bodies, ponds and water bogs. Its history dates back to the times of Scandinavian Stone Age. Located amidst the picturesque surroundings of East Jutland, its beauty reaches another level with the presence of forest cover of Dyrehaven.

The former Skanderborg castle was the defining feature in its history and came around into being in 11th century as the royal residence. It was further expanded and rebuilt in 1550 by King Fredrick II. In addition to the Renaissance castle lot of things were packaged with it like the deer park and the stones from the demolished Øm Abbey-that came about in 1175- were used for construction. Frederick IV demolished the castle’s original structure except the bell tower in the 18th century to add terraced gardens. At present only the old castle church remains.

A car rental for Skanderborg is a must to experience its attractions and is easily accessible via E45 Highway.

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Does Skanderborg measure up in Tourism?

Indeed, it has a lot of historical sites and unique attractions like the City Park which has a list of offerings like a former library, theatre, concert hall, a Greek theater, a museum and a café encompassed by a volleyball field and a playground. It has a multitude of offerings for nature seekers like The Deer Park and The Lake in addition to annual events like the renowned Skanderborg Festival.

Interesting attractions in Skanderborg

  • Skanderborg Museum is store house of the city’s long and ancient history with its five museums and six archives.
  • Skanderborg Castle was the most influential in the town’s history which was demolished in late 18th century and Castle church is the only existing remains of the original.
  • Skanderborg Lake aka Skanderborg So is a lake that came into existence around Ice Age and is noted for its irregular shape, its two divisions and its small isles.
  • The Deer Park is the protagonist of this play which came into being in the 15th century and is home to deer like roe deer, red deer and wild boars etc.
  • Skanderborg Festival is the festival held in the Beech Forest every year in the month of August and music of all sorts brings the spirit of Denmark alive.

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Skanderborg, Denmark

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