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Why pick a car rental for Silkeborg?

This Danish beauty is a city located in the eastern Jutland overpowered by beautiful forests and breathtaking lakes and hence is also called Søhøjlandet, the lake highland. It is divided into North and South Zone by Lake Langsø. This city came into being in 1844 at the hands of Michael Drewsen and is best notified for its modern-art and history connection in addition to gawp-inspiring natural scenery flooded with forest cover and waterways that open options for cycling, canoeing and rambling etc.

It has its share of museums like Museum Jorn which is storehouse of the best artworks by Asger Jorn, Museum Silkeborg which exhibits the 2350 year old body of the Tollund man and KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad which was originally a spa in 19th century and at present is a modern art museum. Similarly Aqua- an aquarium in the town center and Indelukket- a riverside park asks for a must visit.

With so much to visit a car rental in Silkeborg turns helpful and convenient.

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Is Silkeborg high on tourism quotient?

It has splendid parks and gardens, around two dozen museums, a zoo, an aquarium and numerous historical sites in addition to delicious food options, numerous budget accommodation and nightlife venues. Hence whatever is the purpose of your journey, a bit of time basking in Silkeborg’ sights and offerings will prove relieving and refreshing.

  • Himmelbjerget is a hill located near Silkeborg and is 147m high; dating back to Ice Age it presents a spell-bounding view of the Sylvan landscape.
  • Tollund Man and Elling Woman is naturally mummified bog bodies of a man and woman who lived around Iron Age out of which Tollund Man is highly preserved.
  • Silkeborg Art Museum i.e. KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad is a place that offers an avant-grade mix of art styles and is housed in an 1883 spa resort.
  • Labyrinthia is a theme park full with mind boggling mazes and challenges embedded in the rose perfumed surroundings with daring mind games.
  • Papirmuseet Bikuben is a museum dedicated to paper and paper making with a resource center housed in a former Silkeborg paper mill.

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Silkeborg, Denmark

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