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Why you should pick a car rental in Vordingborg?

Vordingborg is a Danish ferry town which was of great importance in the Danish history during the reign of Valdemar I and II. Its deep historical background is established by the presence of the sites like Vordingborg Castle ruins. This castle was constructed in 1175 by Valdemar I, was the power seat of Denmark- the royal residence of Valdemar I and has witnessed various historical episodes like the signing of Law of Jutland by Valdemar II that established the prominence of only those laws that embraced sovereign justice.

At present among the ruins of the castle the ring wall and the Goose Tower remain. Goose Tower is about 26m tall and is the symbol of the town. A lot more can be seen and absorbed in Vordingborg’ well documented multimedia museum.

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Why visit Vordingborg?

With backdrop of history it also has great places for tourists that offer numerous 21st century facilities. In addition to castle, its golden goose tower and museum, it has historical garden like Historisk-Botanisk Have and Knudsskov, Statue Af Kong Valdemar Sejr, Eos Broenden and is home to festivals that celebrate its culture and history like the Vordingborg annual festival. Hence in addition to all this the multiple restaurants options and hotels complement the package aptly.

Worth visiting places in Vordingborg:

  • Vordingborg Borgcenter comprises of two displaying containers for the things found during restoration process of the Vordingborg castle’s moat and is located at the same venue.
  • Historisk-Botanisk Have was Denmark’s first historic-botanical Renaissance modeled garden, built in 1921 and houses a collection of pheasant plants and fragments of garden herbs.
  • Masnedø Fort is a quaint fort built between 1912 and 1915 on the west coast of the Island Masnedø as per the defense act of 1909.
  • Farmorhuset meaning the Grandmother house is a fun family café where adults can enjoy for cozy cup of coffee or cocoa while children play with grandmother toys.
  • Vordingborg Castle was built in the 12th century by king Valdemar I. Its ruins consist of curtain wall about 710m long and 8 m in height plus the Goose Tower.

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Vordingborg, Denmark

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