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Why is a car rental for Torshavn a must?

Torshavn is the capital of Faroe Islands and the biggest town in Denmark. Perched on a hill top, you can have a look at the whole town standing at its harbor. Since the Viking times this town has nestled on these same banks and has grown tremendously. Pitch-perfect in beauty its beautiful wooden red houses are home to Faroese government and the Prime Minister with all key institutions like banking, University and National library are located nearby.

High on culture it has attractions like National theatre and numerous museums and cinemas with a chain of quality restaurants and hotels. Acting as the centre of sports and music it gives way to celebrations like football premier league and festivals like Torshavn Jazz Festival.

Tinganes, Torshavn Cathedral, Fort Skansin, istasavn Foroya and the Nordic house located in Faroe Islands are few of its many notable sites of interest. Rent a car in Torshavn to have the best of this sea side city.

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Tourism Trip tip

Studded with beautiful historical sites, landmarks and museums, Torshavn has a lot of outdoor activities in addition to parks, zoos, water sports and a big selection of restaurants.

Torshavn attraction package

  • Tinganes is a historical place where the first parliamentary meeting occurred in Viking times and is regarded as Parliament point.
  • Torshavn Cathedral was a prayer house till 1609 when King Christian IV constructed a church at its place which was demolished in 1788 and the present church was constructed.
  • Nordic house, located in Faroe Islands, is an architectural and cultural marvel that was built in 1977 by winner architects of the Nordic competition.
  • Skansin Fortress is a fort in Faroe Islands that was active from 1580 to 1865 and was a protection from pirates and other enemies.
  • Hoyvikar Kirkja is the first church of the Hoyvik town in Faroe Islands that was built in 2007, is large and has very interesting design and architecture.

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Tórshavn Cathedral, Bryggjubakki, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

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