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Svendborg Highlights

Situated on the island of Funen facing Svendborgsund and a splendid harbor, Svendborg is a 750 year old Danish town and is the main working center of Svendborg Municipality. Its quay with a splendid view of ships and ferries is dotted with a continuous chain of restaurants and cafes that will accompany you till you reach the town.

Øhavsstien aka The Archipelago Trail is its highlight, being 220 km long it is the largest hiking trail in South Funen covering coastal, forest and field paths with the varying course of natural and cultural areas. It is also the dwelling place of Naturama museum known for its stuffed animals and the biggest container ship in the world. In addition to these highlights it has numerous historical landmarks like Vor Frue Kirke, Anne Hvide’s House, Egeskov, Valdemar’s Castle and Hesselagergård.

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Where Svendborg falls on the Tourism graph?

Svendborg is definitely high on the tourism graph with its varied and diverse offerings in addition to splendid sea side activities. With close to hundred landmarks including architectural, historical and religious sites Svendborg raises the bar further with its bunch of museums, parks, gardens, nightlife avenues and shopping arenas.

Svendborg’ attractions

  • Broholm Castle is located in sylvan surroundings complemented by a lake, a park, a moat and an old watermill with its own breed of dogs, restaurants and apple variety.
  • Thurø Kirke aka Trinity church was constructed in 1639 using stone and medieval bricks and its cemetery is resting place of various renowned writers and painters.
  • Naturama is a natural history museum that focuses water- whale skeletons in basement, land- mammals in middle floor and air- birds at the top floor with fitting sound and lighting.
  • Valdemars Slot is a castle, which includes a chapel and a toy museum etc and was built in 1639, presently is owned by Baron Iuel-Brockdorff -the 11th descendant of the Luel family.
  • Troense M Gronnegade was home to a fleet of 50 ships, six batyards and shipmasters since 18th century who used to bring wealth and rare plants from distant places.

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Svendborg, Denmark

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